Xylanase enzyme

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Xylanase or hemicellulase are a diverse class of enzymes that hydrolyze hemicelluloses or xylan compound, a group of polysaccharides comprising xylan, xylobiose, and arabinogalactan. The xylanase act on these complex nonstarch polysaccharides, which are composed of β-glycosidic linkages and contain five or six-carbon sugars, but not cellulose.

Xylanase is an important enzyme that is used to degrade one of the essential components of a plant’s cell wall. This component is known as hemicellulose. Xylanase breaks down the linear polysaccharide xylan into xylose.

Application of xylanase

Xylanase is used in the bread-making process, the elastic of the dough with appropriate xylanase is enhanced significantly and easy to operate.

  1. the skin colour is moderate & hardness decrease after baking
  2. the texture is white & delicate
  3. the structure is fine & smooth
  4. the time of dough formation and dough stabilization is shortened significantly
  5. the stoma is uniform
  6. The bread is soft and chewy.
  7. the proofing dough volume is increased significantly

Xylanase is used in the storage of bread

  1. the appropriate xylanase can retard bread staling
  2. preventing water loss and re-allocate
  3. Stabilize the organizational structure of the bread.
  4. improve the water holding capacity of the bread and optimize the gluten network

Other application of xylanase:-

  1.  beer brewery industries
  2. juice and wine industries
  3. animal feed industries
  4. paper and pulp industries