Bromelain enzyme:

Product Details: Bromelain is a generic name for a family of sulfhydryl containing, proteolytic enzymes obtained from the stem of pineapple (Ananascomosus).

Source: Stem of pineapple (Ananascomosus (L.) MERR.)

Systematic name: Peptidyl peptide hydrolase; EC

Other names: Bromelain, Ananase


Bromelain is a plant protease isolated from pineapple. Its vigorous proteolytic activity has created a broad interest in numerous forms, mainly in tenderization, foods Bromelain has also been envisaged to have extensive applications as an active ingredient in tooth-whitening dentifrices and skin products.

Baking industriesImprove dough relaxation and allow the dough to rise evenly.
Procedure hypoallergenic flour
Tenderizationhydrolyze meat myofibrill protiens
Hydrolyze agenet for meat, oyster, chiken and squid
Fish protien hydrolysateHydrolyze fish protien to generate fish protien hydrolysate
Antibrowing agentInhibit browing of fruits and phenol oxidation
Alcohol productionEnhance protien stability of beer
prevent haze formation
Animal feedEstimate protien degradation in ruminant feed
Textile industriesMinimize softening time in cocoon cooking
Remove scale and imprurities of wool and silk fibers
Enhance dyeing properties of protien fibers
Tooth whiteningRemove stains, plaque, and food debris on the outer surface of teeth
Cosmetic indutriesReduce post injection bruising and swelling