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  • Jul 3, 2019
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Although all enzymes function similarity when added in animal feeds for improving the effectiveness of raw material digestion, nutritionists use them to take various approaches. Each enzyme offers different characteristics that affect the dietary inclusion rate, need for protective coating within the animal’s gut, and their overall efficacy.

One of the most exciting and vital factors of enzyme function is that each type has a precise role to play within the animal. Each enzyme acts on a substrate to begin its chemical reaction within the body; however, only a particular enzyme can fit into an individual substrate –similar to a lock and key.

Animal feed accounts for 60-70 per cent of total expenses in the Poultry sector. Feeding livestock, as well as poultry, is the costliest which takes a toll on the keeper’s pocket. To inhibit expenses, many producers and poultry keepers have increased the feed with enzyme additives. Adding Poultry feed enzymes is the healthier way of accentuating meat produce and is also relatively cheaper and faster.


Phytic acid is a substrate of phytase, obtained from phosphorus stored in plant tissues. It is problematic to the animals because it binds minerals and amino acids. Phytase is used to breakdown phytic acid

Xylanase, Glucanase, Amylase

Their primary function is to break down and degrade carbohydrates in the stomach such as fibre, non-starchy and starch polysaccharides into simple sugars that provide energy for use by the animals.

Enzyme Manufacturers


Protease enzymes are among the newest technology on the block, with animal or vegetable protein as their substrate. They break down anti-nutritional factors associated with various protein. Protease improves the digestion of proteins and increases amino acid availability, which helps release valuable nutrients.

Antozyme Biotech Poultry feed Enzymes are biological catalysts which instil biochemical reactions without any self-transformation. These are made up of amino acids arranged in a sequence. They accelerate chemical reactions of the living cells for certain nutrients from feedstuffs for the tissues andorgans. Enzymes are not living organisms, but are products of living organisms, for example, bacteria, plant tissue, fungi and yeast. Poultry Feed enzymes strengthen the digestibility of the feed nutrients in animals.

Antozyme Biotech feed enzymes are produced from naturally occurring fungi, yeast and bacteria. We use modern fermentation techniques to manufacture enzyme feeds to give a final product that contains a variety of enzymes. Various enzymes are essential to animal & poultry feed. Each one plays a specific role and function hence resulting in numerous benefits for the poultry producers. The enzymes commonly used in poultry feed bestow a gamut of benefits to both poultry producers that too without any adverse effects on the environment.