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  • Jul 3, 2019
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The high juice yield is an essential goal for juice manufacture. Many modern processes for fruit and vegetable juice production employ enzymes as valuable processing aids to obtain higher yield and clarity.

The use of maceration enzyme increases extraction yield and improves processing without extra costs. These enzymes are used after the cut of raw material, to macerate the pulp to total or partial fruit liquefaction, thereby decreasing the processing time and improving the extraction of fruit components.

Antozyme is one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of the best quality Fruit Juice Enzymes. Our broad assortment of solutions benefits the juice industry by easing the production of tangy, healthy juices. The provided enzyme is processed by our professionals utilizing the latest techniques at our hygienic processing unit. Also, we provide this fruit juice enzyme in several packaging options to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Also, customers can avail these fruit juice enzymes from us with quality packaging.

It can be applied explicitly for maceration and clarification of the fruit pulp in the fruit processing industry, winery and plant extracts.

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Pectinase are added for clarification and decrease viscosity in order to facilitate filtration and concentration.

Enzyme Manufacturers

Juice Extraction Enzymes

Enzymes based formulation for higher juice extraction from grapes and for better filtration and clarification.