Invertase enzymes

Product details:-

Invertase is used as a catalyzing agent in the breakdown reaction of sucrose that is table sugar. Sugar is hydrolyzed to obtain fructose and glucose.

Alternative names of invertase are saccharase, beta-fructosidase, alkaline invertase, sucrase, acid invertase and the chemical name is beta-fructofuranosidase.

For commercial usage, invertase is obtained from yeast, or bees also synthesize it. Bees use it to manufacture honey from nectar.

Invertase activity: – 2,00,000 SU/gm (powder) and 50,000 SU/gm

enzyme properties:-

Optimal temperature range :- 55 to 60⁰ C

Optimal pH range :- 4.3 to 4.6


The primary function of invertase is to convert sucrose into glucose and fructose.

Invertase is used in the production of non-crystallizable sugar syrup from sucrose. Invert syrup has hygroscopic properties which makes it useful in the manufacturing of soft-centred candies and fondants as humectants, alcoholic beverages, lactic acid, glycerol etc. produced by fermentation of sucrose-containing substrates required by the user industries. It is used in the manufacture of artificial honey and plasticizing agent which are used in cosmetics. Invertase is also associated with insulinase for the hydrolysis of inulin to fructose.