About us

Antozyme biotech is a well-integrated enzyme manufacturing and formulation organization. Antozyme biotech work with innovative customers across the globe, helping them produce more from the less, make their products stand out and reduce cost.

Antozyme provides Eco-friendly enzymes from small to large scale quantities for a variety of industries, such as food, starch, distillery, brewery, wastewater treatment, agriculture, detergent and pharmaceuticals.

Enzyme Manufacturers

Enzymes are organic catalyst produced within the living organisms which speed up chemical reactions, by lowering the activation energy, in the living organisms; however, they remain unchanged at the end of the reaction.

In molecular terms, the enzyme combines with substrate molecule to form an enzyme-substrate complex. In such close contact, the substrate molecules may be distorted, and hence they efficiently react to form an enzyme-product complex which split the release product molecule and the enzyme.

Enzymes are classified into six categories based on the types of reaction catalyzed, that is, oxidoreductase, transferase, hydrolyzes, lyase, ligase and isomerase.

Each enzyme should be uniquely identified by its enzyme classification number. Enzymes are named with the use of letters and numbers: EC plus four number representing four compartments.