ACTIVOZYME-AA-HT has highly heat stable and pH tolerance and low calcium requirements. In the ethanol industry, it is used for high-temperature liquefaction of starch-containing grain mashes for the production of neutral spirit.


Excellent thermal stability for liquefaction of steam jet cooker starch.

Produces low viscosity, liquid dextrose syrup in 90 minutes at 80-90 ⁰ C.

Whole corn or grain liquefaction at pH 5.5 and 80-90 ⁰ C.

Increase wart yield and grain adjunct cooking capacity.

Enzyme for saccharification:-

Saccharification is the process of breaking down complex carbohydrates like corn or sugar cane into monosaccharide components in the ethanol fuel production process and Whole saccharification process was done by Glucoamylase and pullulanase enzyme