Transglutaminase enzyme:-

The extremely high costs of manufacturing transglutaminase enzyme from animal origin (EC have prompted scientists to search for new sources of this enzyme. Inter-disciplinary efforts have been aimed at producing enzymes synthesised by microorganisms which may have a wider scope of use in the recently.

Application:- .

Transglutaminase is an enzyme that catalyses the formation of isopeptide bonds between proteins. Its cross-linking property is widely used in various processes:

  1. manufacture cheese and other dairy products
  2. in meat processing
  3. produce edible films and to manufacture bakery products

Transglutaminase has considerable potential to improve the viscosity, elasticity, firmness and water-binding capacity of food products.

Transglutaminase in meat processing:-

Transglutaminase is also widely used in the meat industry, mainly in the manufacture of restructured meat. Apart from having a positive impact on the texture of the final product, the use of transglutaminase preparations facilitates strongest cohesion of a meat block without the need for heat processing or the addition of salt or phosphates. The use of transglutaminase in meat processing significantly improves the texture of the product, increase in its hardness. Moreover, it strength of the texture of homogenised sausages made of pork, beef or poultry meat.

Transglutaminase in dairy industries:-

In the dairy industry transglutaminase has been introduced into the production of numerous product like yoghurts, in order to prevent syneresis or to make their texture firmer and softer. Transglutaminase-modified casein makes it possible to manufacture dairy products with maintain structure and consistency . This method is used to produce yoghurts from milk incubated with transglutaminase they have a homogenous, firm and creamy consistency also smooth and dry curd surface. This results from a reduction in syneresis . Such yoghurts serve as a base to produce creams, frozen desserts, ice cream, milk drinks,dressings and other purpose.

Transglutaminase in baking industries:-

transglutaminase is used to improve the quality of flour, the texture and volume of bread in baking industries.